How To Use P90X?

how to use P90XAre you wondering how to use P90X? That is perfectly fine and is a very common question that I get often. People think that it is so simple sometimes, you know what I mean. There is more to it then just popping in the disk and working out. P90x is a whole system that needs to be used like Tony Horton the creator intended it to be used. There legitimately is a right and a wrong way of how to use P90X. I want to make sure that you know the difference between both, and that you actually get the most out of the program like it was intended to be.

How To Use P90X – The Wrong and Right Way!

So let’s be honest. I know some of you have P90X right now and it is gathering dust somewhere in a cabinet or whatever. Well I know that you had good intentions to get into shape, but the reason why you didn’t was because you either never started, or you used P90X the wrong way. There really are so many people who knew how to use P90X the right way and got amazing results. I want you to be one of them. So let’s break it down and explain to you exactly how to use P90X, the wrong and right way.

The Wrong Way!

Alright so this may or may not be the way that you knew how to do P90X, but whatever the case here is where people go wrong.

The Biggest way of all to use P90X the wrong way though is to not get any support for your journey. Keep reading and I will cover this  more in the right way on how to use P90X .

The Right Way!

So now that you know how to use P90X the wrong way you may be asking yourself well how do I use P90X the right way? The answer is very simple. All you have to do is the exact opposite of everything I mentioned above. Understand and search deeply for the reason why you want to workout to begin with. Use the nutrition guide, take the fit test, track your workouts. That is really it!

Now some of you may think that this is bogus because you did all of that right? Well most likely your understanding of your reason for wanting to workout wasn’t strong enough, but giving you the benefit of the doubt let’s talk a little more about support for you while you are on your journey. This by far is the absolute best way to use P90X.

How To Use P90X The BEST Way!how to use P90X

Ok so what is the BEST way to know how to use P90X the right way? It is all about the SUPPORT as I mentioned above. Wouldn’t you want to have someone there to constantly support you and push you to be your best? I know I would, and that is actually exactly what I did and continue to do. The easiest and best way to get support for your workout is to join the Beachbody Challenge

When you join the Beachbody Challenge you will join a select group of other individuals who will be working out for the same reasons you are. They will be there to constantly motivate you and push you to be better. If you want more information on the Beachbody Challenge then just click the button below!

Let’s GO!!!

Yours in Success,

Brett Banford

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7 Responses to “How To Use P90X?”

  1. I’ve been doing P90X for so long that it feels way too easy now. Hard to believe that I once struggled with this program.

  2. I know many people who have p90x and did it for one week then quit. A lot of people think that they have to do the numbers in the video, they don’t understand that you have to just start and build up.

  3. Tracking is vital to getting good results with any fitness program. If you just do the workouts, you often forget where you started. Without seeing progress, you give up. I love tracking my progress with workout sheets and photos. Great post.

  4. All great points…P90X rocks!

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