Who Else Wants P90X Workout Sheets?

Are you tired of looking for P90X workout sheets? Well don’t worry I have you taken care of right here.  You can get your free P90X workout sheets download below.  Getting these worksheets is crucial to your success with P90X.  It is important that you record down the number of reps and the amount of weight that you are doing per exercise. Without this information how can you continue to evolve your baseline?  What I mean is without using these P90X workout sheets and recording down your information you will never know how you are progressing throughout the program.  Are you going to remember that you used too much weight for this exercise a week from now? Maybe or maybe not, but why risk that?  Use these P90X workout sheets to take notes about what you particularly struggled with or what you need to change as far as weights for the previous week.  I promise you, using the P90X workout sheets will ensure that you have the best success with P90X.

P90X Workout sheets/P90X Calendar – FREE Download

All you have to do to get your free P90X workout sheets and calendar is right click the picture below and save the link.  The calendar is actually three calendars and goes into the types of P90X schedules which I will get into later

P90X workout sheets

P90X workout sheets and calendar












How to Use Your P90X Workout sheets to Succeed

I have been completely through P90X WITH the P90X workout sheets and got incredible results.  I want to share with you the secret that I used to help me succeed with my results as well as a few other ideas that may work better for you.  So check out this quick video below before you move on.


I’ve Got My P90X Workout Sheets – Now What?

Now that you have your P90X workout sheets you need to decide what workout schedule you are going to do.  Different workouts schedules have different goals whether it is to get ripped, lean, or whatever.  Decide what schedule suits you best and take your fit test.  And don’t worry either, the P90X workout sheets cover all three schedules.

  • Classic Schedule- Is the “Classic” P90X schedule that mixes in cardio and resistance training well together.  This is the schedule that most people chose. However if you would like to get more lean instead of ripped I would recommend the P90X lean schedule.
  • Lean Schedule- Is geared more towards cardio and is for those of you who do not want to really gain too much muscle. This schedule include more of the cardio based workouts from P90X and cuts out a little bit of the strength and resistance training.  Generally this schedule is a favored by women in my experience.
  • Doubles Schedule- This is for all you crazies out there who want to get really ripped and in shape.  This puts two workouts in one day together incorporating maximum cardio and resistance training.  If you really want to invest in yourself and dedicate your time to this then by all means go ahead. Otherwise I would just recommend sticking with the classic schedule

For People Who Are SERIOUS About Getting a Body They Can Be Proud Of

FREE P90X Motivation and Support

Ok so you got your P90X workout sheets, decided your schedule, and now you’re ready to succeed right?  I know you are and I believe in you and want you to believe in yourself as well.  But now it’s time for the most important step.  It is time to take ACTION. I can give you all the tools, like the P90X workout sheets and calendar, that you need to succeed, but if you don’t use them what good are they?  I highly recommend if you want daily motivation and support than sign up for a free Beachbody account.  It only takes two minutes and you’ll not only have access to even more fitness and nutrition tools, but you will have me to guide you all the way.  I’ll make sure that I do everything within my power to help you get to your goals, but at the end of the day it comes down to you.  Take pride in yourself and stick with this all the way through and I guarantee you it’ll be life changing.

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Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding the P90X workout sheets or anything else.  Comment, share your situation below and I’ll do my best to help.  Also if you found this post useful and got some good information from it than share it with your friends and invite them to join you! Either way I hope you at least got your P90X workout sheets out of this, and hope you reach all of your fitness goals, know that as someone just like you, I believe in you.

Yours in Success,

Brett Banford

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FREE 3 Day Diet Makeover
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